Here's a selection of projects created by our customers. Have you used our fonts in a project and want to share your work? Send an image to Please include some information about your project!

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Book cover for Redneck Words of Wisdom, featuring Wildwash font from the Wild West Press font set

Redneck Words of Wisdom

Jaimie Muehlhausen, San Diego designer extraordinaire and creator of the Redneck Words of Wisdom website used our Wild West Press in the artwork for his eponymous book slated to by published this October by Chronicle Books.

Jaimie also used a whole bunch of our fonts on his website. Head on over when you're done here - it's a must see. I laughed so hard, I fudged my undies...

A concert poster for John McEuen and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band made with fonts from the Wild West Press font set

Bob Howe at sent us a note, along with this stunning poster: "I love your fonts and have purchased Civil War and Wild West font sets. I am looking forward to your WW 2 set. I recently did a poster for a John McEuen of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band fame. I used some of your fonts. Thought you might like to see it. Thanks, and keep up the good work."
A concert program made with Renaissance fonts from the Divers Handes font set


Debra found our William Shakespeare font from the Divers Handes collection wonderfully suitable for this project: She created a whole suite of business stationery for Anaphantasia, a 17th century music group.
A concert program ade with Renaissance and William Shakespear style fonts from the Divers Handes font set

La Gente d'Orfeo

Another group Debra is involved in is called "La Gente d'Orfeo". She used our Copperplate 1672 font from the Divers Handes collections to create a series of sophisticated fliers and a CD-cover. Click here to see the full flier in PDF format
Flyer advertising a Civil War theater play, made with fonts and images from the Civil War Press font set.

Anrew Leman, Graphic Designer par excellence

Andrew, a most amazing artist and fellow typographer, sent us this fantastic postcard. He used fonts from the Civil War Press and the Wild West Press (among others) to accomplish his design. Please visit his website at
Book cover for Stephen Ambrose

Nothing Like It in the World

“Font Spotting” is our favorite activity! Sometimes we just happen to browse at our local bookstore and find our own creations looking back at us. You may recognize the typeface on the cover of this excellent book as Type No. 10 from the Civil War Press!
Cover for the CD Shades of Blue by Madlib, featuring fonts from the Civil War Press

"MADLIB" Album Cover Art

Today we got this email from Jeff:
Hello. I havent been to your site in quite a while, and this is the first time I've seen the section on the front page about where your fonts were used. I thought I'd let you know that I used Type No. 4 on two albums for Blue Note Records, Madlib's "Shades Of Blue" and the various artists' companion piece "Untinted". The art director at Blue Note complimented this typeface when he noticed that it wasn't simple clean block letters. I do all of this artist Madlib's artwork (most of which is released on our own label Stones Throw) and I actually used Type No. 4 on several of his other records, as well as a whole bunch of the Type series on a reggae compilation/mix he did called "Blunted In The Bomb Shelter". [...] Keep up the great work!
Colonial reproduction newspapers made with fonts from the Minuteman Printshop font set

Colonial Newspapers

Scott Blake of the Pulaski Legion makes these fantastic reproduction newspapers with our Minuteman Printshop.

Check out his site at

A calligraphy project done with fonts from the Minuteman Printshop colonial font set.

Typography Project

A spread from Mass Appeal magazine showing an article about the Beastie Boys, and made with Ashwood Extra Bold, a font from the Wild West Press font set.

Mass Appeal Magazine No. 28

Founded in 1996, Mass Appeal is a bi-monthly urban lifestyle magazine based in Brooklyn, NY. The Art Director at Mass Appeal used fonts from our Wild West Press for a feature on the Beastie Boys and a number of other headlines throughout the issue. Find out more about Mass Appeal magazine at
Book cover for Dante

Dante's Purgatorio

The Purgatorio features Zentenar Fraktur from our Gutenberg Press in the chapter headings.
Book cover for Dante

Dante's Inferno

Trillium Press is a world-famous maker of art books. Their edition of Dante's Inferno used Coelnisch Current Fraktur from our Gutenberg Press for the chapter headings. To find out more about this magnificent book, please visit Trillium Press.
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