Here's a selection of projects created by our customers. Have you used our fonts in a project and want to share your work? Send an image to Please include some information about your project!

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illuminated store sign using Ashwood Condensed font

Illuminated store sign with Ashwood Extra Bold

Driving home one night, I spotted this store sign. What a great use for Ashwood Extra Bold!
Cover design for a book on Elmer Gantry that uses the free Jugend font

Judge this book by its cover!

For it features Jugend WF, our freebie font. The book-of-the-month club has taste!
CD cover art using images from the Wild West Press

More CD cover artwork with Wild West Press clipart!

Ray G. shared this image with is, which will go on the cover of his self-released music CD.
a CD booklet for British Band Zarbo uses fonts from the Wild West Press font set

Our Wild West fonts feel right at home with this amazing artwork.

A beautifully designed CD booklet for British Band Zarbo's self-titled debut album. Our fonts feature on their website as well.
A Jer Gregg concert poster made great with Ashwood Condensed font

A concert poster made awesome by our Wild West fonts

Noah Gregg strikes again with Ashwood Condensed from the Wild West Press.
Whole Foods marketing collateral featuring Wild West Press fonts

Whole Foods continues to love our Wild West fonts!

There's a whole bunch of new marketing collateral at our local store, all featuring fonts from the Wild West Press.
A Hallmark birthday card using the Ashwood Extra Bold font from the Wild West Press font set

Say Happy B-Day to your favorite biker!

Evidently Hallmark cared enough to use only the best Wild West fonts for this Birtday card. Artistic merits aside, we think this is pretty cool!
Panera Bread store decorations made with the Bullion Font from the Wild West Press font set

Panera Bread Company Summer Campaign

We were surprised to see our local Panera Bread shop decked out in Ashwood Condensed and Ashwood Extra Bold from the Wild West Press!
An Alan Lomax book that features Wild West Press fonts on the cover

The Wild West Press on Lomax

This beautiful cover makes very subtle use of Ashwood Condensed WF and Bullion Italic WF from the Wild West Press
Cover design of the book Battlefields of he Civil War with fonts from the Civil War and Wild West Press font sets

Book featuring Wild West and Civil War Press fonts

While it's not as evident on the cover, this work features fonts and clipart from both the Wild West Press and the Civil War Press in its pages.
a book cover design for Matt Kramer on Wine, featuring Ashwood Condensed font from the Wild West Press font set

Book Cover with Wild West Press font

The strength and clarity of Ashwood Condensed WF is put to good use on this cover.
a magazine ad featuring the Clifford Eight font from the Wild West Press font set

Magazine ad featuring the Wild West Press fonts

This is an ad, designed by Skona, that will run in 7x7 magazine (San Francisco) to promote a fundraising foodie event. The event is held in Potrero Hill, a very cool, historic, artisan neighborhood. The Wild West font family, used with a modicum of discretion to avoid a wild west feel, was perfect in capturing the feeling of the event and the genre of epicurean fare being offered.
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