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The Modern Face of Fraktur

Fraktur's last hurrah included this innovative version: Neue Werbekraft. My version includes all the preposterous ascenders of the original. Oh, and Paletti is also in the picture.

Art Printing with Ohio Schrift

The Bruder Butter foundry issued some of the most innovative type advertisements of the time. Here is one example for "Ohio Schrift," subtly adapted for my own purposes.

My Favorite

The first Kraftwerk Press font to roll off the stocks, and easily my favorite. Can't get bolder than this.

More Style for Your Message!

Ohio Kursiv is the ideal face for earthy yet sophisticated applications. Paired here with Border "Schnuppe."

Sell more with Neue Schwere Block

This font says it loud and clear: don't fall for quack medicine!

Fictitious Fiction with Neue Block

Neue Block makes for a clean presentation - even in French! Don't try to buy this book - I made it up.

Quicker with Karacho

"Mit Karacho" means "at great speed" in German. A fitting name, as this font has a kick like a mule!


Luftpost and its underline / double-underline styles prove a perfect match for this made-up ad. (Even if the text makes no sense).

Hochblock applied

Hochblock shines in this letterhead for a fictitious company.

A Modern Use for Fette Krause

A hip concert poster, done entirely in Fette Krause.

Ohio Kraft in Action

This children's book was one of my favorites growing up. Here I have reimagined the title with Ohio Kraft instead of the original hand lettering.

Ashwood Condensed is EVERYWHERE!

I don't watch the show, so I only recently became aware that Discovery is using Ashwood Condensed WF from the Wild West Press in their collateral for “Ice Road Truckers”
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