Here's a selection of projects created by our customers. Have you used our fonts in a project and want to share your work? Send an image to Please include some information about your project!

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book cover for Hallam

Hallam's War

This beautifully designed book cover makes great use of Dead Man's Hand, a font from our Wild West Press collection. This font was drawn by a prominent Kansas writing master. His only direction was to create a handwriting that would reflect someone who would be "handier with a six-shooter than with a pen" We believe he succeeded beautifully.
Event flyer for the Texas Ranger museum, featuring the Wildwash from the Wild West Press font set

Just Dessert(s)

Sorry, folks - it's probably all gone by now, but we're sure the guests at a recent event at the Texas Ranger Museum sponsored by USFN had no trouble finding dessert with this great sign by graphic artist Denise Werner.
Web page design for the Art of Manliness website featuring fonts from the Wild West Press font set

The Art of Manliness

Ah - Walden Font Co. has arrived in the blogosphere! While googling for something completely unrelated, we spotted this instructive website. We're honored the authors deemed the fonts of the Wild West Press sufficiently manly for their masthead!
Pasta sause labels made with the Bullion font from the Wild West Press font set

Like it Spicy?

The good folks at have sent us some pictures of their delicious new products. All made better by our fonts smack on their labels. Check it out!
Advertisement made with fonts from the Wild West Press font set

40 Rocks Design Studio loves the Wild West Press

Paul Jenkins at 40 Rocks Design Studio says "Our studio is designing 3 posters for God’s Country Outfitters and the Wild West Set was exactly what we needed to make our concept of a rugged wanted poster come to life. Needless to say, our client LOVED it! Thanks for the great stuff." You're very welcome, Paul!
posters made with fonts from the Wild West Press font set

Wonderful posters at

Jon at Fat Caddy Records sends us these wonderful posters. He writes: "We use [your fonts] more than we should" - c'mon Jon - with our fonts, there's no such thing!
Craft Fair flyer made with fonts from the Wild West Press font set

Fall & Craft Fairs are here!

Sarah produced this lovely flyer with fonts from the Wild West Press (the script font is Ale Paul's "Burgues Script", not sold by Walden Font Co.) We especially love the color scheme!
Promotional poster for Bag of Jerks poker tournament made with fonts from the Wild West Press

A Very Cool Poker Poster

Graphic Designer Brice Beasley sent us this great poster, showcasing what you can do with the Wild West Press!
Concert poster for Sweet Crude Bill, made with fonts from the Wild West Press font set

Sweet Crude Bill and the Lighthouse Nautical Society

Owen Troy of Design des Troy had this to say: "I wanted to pass along a series of posters we did for a local up-and- coming rollicking seafaring country rock band Sweet Crude Bill and the Lighthouse Nautical Society. We couldn't have gotten the right off-kilter antiquity look for their sound without your Wild West type, which we used (heck, overused) in a frenzy." Well done, Owen!
Book Cover for Casey at the Bat, made entirely with fonts from the Civil War Press font set

Casey at the Bat

Caldecott Winning Children's Book typeset with the Civil War Press: Casey At the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888, A Caldecott Honor Book by Ernest L. Thayer and Christopher Bing makes extensive use of the Fonts of Civil War Press.
A  Wanted  poster made with fonts from the Wild West Press font set
The Airbrush Outlaws have been in the biz for over 10 years, serving satisfied customers in Milwaukee and Chicago. Their new website, launched in February 2007 features clip-art and fonts from the Wild West Press all around. Visit them at
Photo showing a tattoo made with the Webster italic font from the Minuteman Printshop font set

The most novel use for our fonts yet!

Well here's something new - a tattoo of Henry David Thoreau sitting on a pumpkin, surrounded by his famous pronouncement "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion" typeset - well, inked, rather - in Webster Italic WF from the Minuteman Printshop.
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